Now we are 1 year old!

The 1 month old lab!!!

Mine presenting her summer project. Nicely done!

So happy to be unboxing and setting up the new lab!

Lab Demo underway - new lab soon!

Dylan has been working on isolating and sequencing single neurons from the zebrafish. Above are some of his first results. Each circle is a single cell's transcriptome, with the expression of ~10,000 genes reduced down to the two tSNE variables. Each of the discrete clusters represents a cell type. Cool stuff!

Above is Emily's nice picture of Mauthner neurons backfilled with neurobiotin from the spinal cord. Purty!

The very fist PCR in lab - every journey starts with the first step! Look at those beautiful bands. And you can see wildtype, mutant, and even hets!

We are in our new lab!!!

Audrey doing experiments as we start up in the Bowerman/Doe lab. Check out those skills!

We found that the Mauthner circuit uses two different Connexin proteins to make its electrical syanpses. So we made some new antibodies against these proteins and the staining works beautifully. In green is the Mauthner neuron, in "magenta" is a stain for Connexin34.1 (red) and Connexin35.5 (blue). This is a zoom at the so-called "club endings" formed between the Mauthner dendrite and the auditory afferents. First antibodies made for the lab! Nice picture Alex!