Interested in joining the lab? We are actively seeking people at many levels levels. Email Adam at amiller (at) uoneuro [dot] uoregon {period} edu

Check out the lab culture to see how you would fit into the group.

Contact people and see what they think about working in the lab.

- Postdocs -

Please email Adam your CV, a cover letter describing your research vision going forward and how it would fit into the bigger goals of the lab. While the current focus is electrical synapses, any project in the area of "wiring the brain" will be entertained. Also provide a succinct description of your current work.

And please have at least three letters of reference sent directly to Adam.

- Graduate students -

To apply to Oregon as a grad student check out the Biology Department, Institute of Neuroscience, Institute of Molecular Biology, and Chemistry Department.

For current students, please email Adam your CV and goals and we can chat about opportunities.

- Technicians -

There are no positions at this time.

- Undergrads -

We are dedicated to providing opportunities for all levels of scientists to learn to do "real science". Like actually doing experiments and stuff. We expect a lot out of you, but you'll get a lot in return. Contact Adam with your transcript, expected schedule for lab time, and have a current instructor send a letter of reference.