The lab's cake - what nice electrical synapses you have!

Doing Oregon things.


The Miller lab at 1 month - all smiles...

...but we can be mean too...

Adam Miller

amiller [at] uoneuro [dot] uoregon [dot] edu

I am interested in how the brain is assembled and functions. The goal of the lab is to integrate genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, circuit function, and behavior, all with a goal of understanding how the brain creates functioning neural networks.

When not in lab I like hiking, biking, dogs, beer, and food.

Abbey Lasseigne

Official First Grad student!

alasseig [at] uoregon [dot] edu

Abbey graduated from the UVermont in Burlington where she studied psychology and developmental neuroscience.

She will start her grad career investigating how scaffolds are used to build electrical synapses..

Rachel LukowiczLeading our behavioral interests!

rlukowic [at] uoregon [dot] edu

Rachel graduated from Doane University where she did many things (including making chemicals that could detect bombs!) and she got hooked on behavioral neuroscience.

She will investigate how the molecular mechanisms controlling the first synapses in zebrafish and how this contributes to neural network maturation and behavior..

Laura Reich

Laura is a Clark College Honor Student at Oregon.

Laura will be working on how fish smell - and no the answer is not fishy! She will be working with the Smear lab to investigate olfactory transduction, processing, and behavior in fish.

Jen Michel

Biochemist extraordinaire!

jmichel [at] uoregon [dot] edu

Jen comes to us with tons of experience with in the biochemistry of scaffolds in signaling pathways and the structural analysis of neurotransmitter receptors.

She will focus on the electrical synapse proteome.

Dylan Farnsworth

Official First Postdoc!

drf [at] uoregon [dot] edu

Dylan likes to think about how time is integrated into developmental processes, from stem cells, to neural circuits, to behavior. And also interesting hats.

Dylan is focusing on single-cell RNA-seq experiments from spinal cord neurons to figure out the constellation of genetic changes that occur as neurons wire together into functional circuits.

Tova Kruss

Tova is a Clark College Honor Student at Oregon.

Tova is working with Dylan on spinal cord regeneration. How do the cells and circuits regenerate? Tova will figure it all out!

Lab Alum

Jordan Lexalexa [at] uoregon [dot] edu

Jordan is a home grown duck having just graduate from UO.

She will lead our efforts in CRISPR screening to identify the next cool gene that controls electrical synapse formation.

Audrey Marsh

Official First Lab Member!

ajmarsh7 [at] gmail [dot] com

She focused on understanding how electrical synapses are organized into complex asymmetric structures. Check out her sweet paper!

Audrey is now a Badger, pursuing her PhD @ Wisconsin.

Anisha Adke

Mine Sahin

Official First Summer Research Student!

Mine visited the lab from Turkey for the summer. She used CRISPR to investigate genes required for electrical synapse formation.

Mine is pursuing her M.D. in Turkey.

Previous Folk who worked with Adam in Seattle

Arish Shah

ashah [at] fredhutch [dot] org

Official RNA Wizard.

See his awesome CRISPR paper.

Arish figured out how to use CRISPRs to quickly screen for phenotypes in zebrafish.

Arish is off to MIT for grad school starting 2016!

Lisa Voelker

lvoelker [at] fredhutch [dot] org

Official Leader of Unicorns.

Check out her cool paper on neurobeachin.

Currently a grad student at UW.

See what she's up to here.

Official First Undergrad!

anishapa [at] gmail [dot] com

Anisha is a Clark College Honor Student at Oregon.

Anisha is working on the genes responsible for the first synapses in zebrafish.

Anisha is now doing a PostBac program @ the NIH.




Alex Whitebirch

alexwhitebirch091 [at] gmail [dot] com

Official Synapse Master.

Check out his cool Cx asymmetry paper!

Currently a grad student at Columbia.