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Miller lab science
How does the brain wire together? The human brain is incredibly complex, containing more connections between neurons than the Milky Way galaxy has stars! The brain is wired into stereotyped neural circuits, which underlie sensation, information processing, movement, and even consciousness. Disruption of wiring during development has been linked to many neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism.

So how do the neurons of the brain connect and wire up into circuits? We use zebrafish as a relatively simple model system and use genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, circuit function, and behavior, to understand how the brain creates functioning neural networks. Moreover, we aim to use the system to examine how to rewire the brain in models of neurodevelopmental disease or after injury.

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  • 08/17 - Mine gives a great poster from her work, well done!
  • 07/17 - Cool single-cell RNA-seq stuff from Dylan!
  • 06/17 - Mine joins the lab for the summer, welcome!
  • 06/17 - Abbey gets funded by the DTG!!! Abbey, you rock!
  • 06/17 - We have our own lab! 314 Huestis, visit us!
  • 05/17 - Abbey official joins the lab as our first grad student! Woohoo!
  • 05/17 - Connexin asymmetry paper published in eLife! 
  • 04/17 - Anisha wins the Bess Templeton Cristman Award! Anisha is winning all the things, congrats!
  • 04/17 - Anisha gets a VPRI summer grant for her work, winner!
  • 04/17 - Abbey joins for a rotation, yeah!
  • 03/17 - Anisha wins a mini-grant for her work on coiling fish! YES!!!
  • 02/17 - Dylan started, alright!!!
  • 02/17 - Laura joins as a new undergrad, welcome!
  • 01/17 - 3D modeling of lab - its going to be nice!
  • 01/17 - Lab demo has started, check it out.
  • 01/17 - Welcome Denver and Alex for rotations!
  • 12/16 - Miller lab turns one year old!
  • 11/16 - Jen sent off a great grant - good luck!
  • 09/16 - Austin and Emily join for rotations, welcome!
  • 07/16 - Dylan joins the lab! He will start up in early 2017.
  • 06/16 - Adam wins Chi-Bin Chien Award!
  • 05/16 - Audrey found that Tjp1b is required exclusively postsynaptically. First official lab paper here we come!
  • 04/16 - Anisha finishes the first figure for the first paper from the lab!!! We can do things!
  • 03/16 - Jen joins the lab!!!
  • 01/16 - New lab photos, looking good.
  • 01/16 - Miller lab warming party - champagne and beer and scotch!
  • 01/16 - The lab can now do PCR! Audrey's proof is here!
  • 01/16 - Anisha joins the lab! Welcome!!!
  • 01/16 - First fish are in the facility swimming in their new Duck tanks!
  • 12/15 - Lab official started - here we go!